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Raymond “Skip” Watson Ohio swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Russell J. Howard Central Ohio rhoward@fieldselectric.com 614-778-7303
John Bovyer Jr. Central Ohio/Columbus jbovyer@fieldselectric.com 330-590-0821
Dave Gormley Northwestern Ohio dgormley@fieldselectric.com 440-225-9894
Rick Asmus North Eastern Ohio rasmus@fieldselectric.com 330-621-6248
Terry Davidson North Eastern Ohio tdavidson@fieldselectric.com 330-360-8480
Kevin Rhoades North Western Ohio/Dayton krhoades@fieldselectric.com 419-722-4430
Chris Wood Central Ohio/South Eastern/Columbus cwood@fieldselectric.com 513-484-3899
Paul Staten Cincinnati/Dayton pstaten@fieldselectric.com 513-903-6785
Nick Schaefer Dayton nschaefer@fieldselectric.com 513-374-4502
Raymond “Skip” Watson Eastern Kentucky swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Chris Wood Eastern Kentucky cwood@fieldselectric.com 513-484-3899
Raymond “Skip” Watson Pennsylvania swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Dean Nutter Western Pennsylvania dnutter@fieldselectric.com 859-583-2576
Chris Wood Pennsylvania cwood@fieldselectric.com 513-484-3899
Joshua Taylor Western Pennsylvania jtaylor@fieldselectric.com 412-525-2141
Raymond “Skip” Watson West Virginia swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Joshua Taylor West Virginia jtaylor@fieldselectric.com 412-525-2141
Chris Wood West Virginia cwood@fieldselectric.com 513-484-3899
Raymond “Skip” Watson Virginia swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Chris Wood Virginia cwood@fieldselectric.com 513-484-3899
Raymond “Skip” Watson Michigan swatson@fieldselectric.com 513-266-6498
Jared Longtin Western Michigan jlongtin@fieldselectric.com 616-914-5279
Mike Vercauteren Detroit / Toledo mvercauteren@fieldselectric.com 248-392-1470


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