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Manufacturers Represented & Descriptions

Min. Bill

Freight Allowance

Copper Insulated Utility Cable, Aluminum Insulated Utility Cable,
Aluminum Bare Wire and Cable
$1,000 10,000#
SIMpull THHN & XHHW, SIMpull Romex, Tray Cable, Medium Voltage $1,000 5,000#
MC Cable, MCAP, HCF MCAP Cable, MC PCS Duo, Feeder MC $1,000 3000#
If Bldg. wire is 2,000# everything else rides free
$1,000 2000#
Flexible & Liquidtight Conduit (Metallic & Non Metallic) $1,000 1,000#
Cord/MTW/Bus Drop/DLO/Mining Cable $1,000 1000#
Low Voltage-Sound & Security, AV, Fire Alarm, Coax, Datacom Cables $500 $2,000
SIMpull CIC (Cable-in-Conduit) HDPE with conductors installed $1,000 5,000#
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Michigan Bending Equipment, Cable Pulling, Triggers, Material Handling Hand Tools / Probuilt Lighting $0 $3,500, $250 / $1,800
Michigan High-quality lighting solutions used on job sites $100 $500
Michigan Manufacturer of UL Listed electrical boxes, low voltage and lighting products $50 Min $1,000
nVent UL Listed 2-Hour Fire-Rated, Mineral Insulated Copper Sheathed Wiring Cable System $75 All orders are plus freight
Heat Trace Cables /  NuHeat Floor Heat Systems $75 All orders are plus freight
Michigan PVC Electrical Conduit and Fittings $100 Conduit -$10,000
Fittings -$1,500
Michigan Metering – Single Position Sockets, Meter Breaker Combo Sockets,
Multi-Position Meter Sockets, Instrument Rated Metering, Pedestals,
Terminal / Tap Boxes
$100 $1,350
Fasteners & Hardware, Anchors & Kits, Fittings & Stamping, Chemicals & Tape, Tools & Special Items $100 $1,350
Ohio-North LED Fixtures, LED Lamps, Drivers and Retrofit Kits as well as conventional
flourescent and HID Ballasts
$100 Min $800 Ballasts / $1,000 Lamps
Full Line Manufacturer of Spec-Grade High Quality Commercial & Industrial ALL MADE IN USA! Call for details Call for details
SLG A vertically integrated manufacturer of Architectural, Commercial and Industrial spec grade LED lighting fixtures/ Customizable and powder coated in Houston Texas No Min. $1,000 non-stock
PPF for stocking
lumenova Indoor/Outdoor Architectural fixtures with wide ranging voltages and RGBW capability. No Min. Quoted/project
NewBasis Pad and below ground enclosures for telecommunications, electrical, CATV, water, traffic, lighting and industrial applications. No Min. Freight quoted on request
Nemalux Hazardous Explosive Food Safety rated Industrial LED fixture/ Class rated temp lighting. Manufacturered in Calgary CA and Houston TX No Min. Quoted/project
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