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alliedmoulded Full line of fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures and accessories Call for details Call for details
Full Line Manufacturer of Spec-Grade High Quality Commercial & Industrial ALL MADE IN USA! Call for details Call for details
Calbrite-Stainless Steel Conduit Systems (Types 304 & 316) $100 $4,000
Calbond-PVC Coated Conduit & Fittings $100 $6,000
Calconduit-Elbows, Nipples & Couplings for Rigid & EMT $100 $500
CRC Chemical maintenance products including cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and specialty chemicals. Call for details Call for details
Ohio-North Power Fuses, Semi Conductor Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Elevator Disconnects, Motor Protection, Arc Flash Relays $100 $300
Western Pennsylvania Manufacturer of UL Listed electrical boxes, low voltage and lighting products $50 Min $1,000
HPS Dry Type Transformers from 50VA to 5MVA including: Control, Low & Medium Voltage Distribution, DIT, Line Reactors and Custom Design. Call for details Call for details
PVC Electrical Conduit and Fittings $100 Conduit -$10,000
Fittings -$1,500
Emon Energy Monitoring Products, Software, and Systems. Call for details Call for details
Keystone LED Fixtures, LED Lamps, Drivers and Retrofit Kits as well as conventionalflourescent and HID Ballasts Call for details Call for details
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Extinguishers & Home Automation Products No Min. $1,000
Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Management, Ladder Tray & Fasteners $50 $5,000
Pass & Seymour – Electrical Wiring Devices, Lighting Controls etc $100/$200 $1,000/$2,000
On-Q Home Systems / Nuvo Whole Home Audio $100/$200 $1,000/$2,000
Wiremold – Innovative Wire and Cable Management No Min. $1,000
Ohio-North Power Fuses, Semi Conductor Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Elevator Disconnects, Motor Protection, Arc Flash Relays $100 $300
Metering – Single Position Sockets, Meter Breaker Combo Sockets,
Multi-Position Meter Sockets, Instrument Rated Metering, Pedestals,
Terminal / Tap Boxes
$100 $1,350
Western Pennsylvania High-quality lighting solutions used on job sites $100 $500
Rittal Industrial, OEM and IT enclosure systems including free standing, TS-8, wallmount, stainless steel, EMC and seismic. Complete climate control systems including filter fans, air conditioners, heat exchangers, and heaters & chillers. Call for details Call for details
Western Pennsylvania
Copper Insulated Utility Cable, Aluminum Insulated Utility Cable,
Aluminum Bare Wire and Cable
$1,000 10,000#
SIMpull THHN & XHHW, SIMpull Romex, Tray Cable, Medium Voltage $1,000 5,000#
MC Cable, MCAP, HCF MCAP Cable, MC PCS Duo, Feeder MC $1,000 3000#
If Bldg. wire is 2,000# everything else rides free
$1,000 2000#
Flexible & Liquidtight Conduit (Metallic & Non Metallic) $1,000 1,000#
Cord/MTW/Bus Drop/DLO/Mining Cable $1,000 1000#
Low Voltage-Sound & Security, AV, Fire Alarm, Coax, Datacom Cables $500 $2,000
SIMpull CIC (Cable-in-Conduit) HDPE with conductors installed $1,000 5,000#
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Western Pennsylvania Bending Equipment, Cable Pulling, Triggers, Material Handling Hand Tools / Probuilt Lighting $0 $3,500, $250 / $1,800
Colored EMT, Conduit Kits, EMT, GRC, IMC & Alum Conduit $0 10,000 #’s
Proudly serving the electrical industry since 1934

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